shevatthewindiscalling asked:

I attended a small standard tourney last night at an LGS with my wife. We unfortunately left after the second round because of the hostilities she was experiencing because of her gender. Do you find on your end you hear much regarding the issues of non-male treatment in Magic? Do you feel it's improving?



Let me use this question to say something I’ve been wanting to say.

Every time you are unkind to another Magic player, be it in a game, online or through whatever interaction, regardless of your reason, you are hurting the game, you are hurting the community, you are hurting the store you play in, you are hurting the place you gather - most of all, you are hurting other people.  

One of the reasons I love the Magic community is because of the kindness they show one another. Don’t be the person that makes Magic something ugly for someone. You love how the Magic community has opened up for you and made you feel welcome. Well, pass that along. 

Just imagine that every interaction you have with someone new is the interaction you would have wanted when you were new. A lot of people are attracted to gaming because it is somewhere they feel welcome when there are many other places they do not. Please, please, please do not take that away from people.

Be an ambassador of the game.

Be someone who makes others’ lives better rather than worse.

Be the better person.

Very Important stuff. Geek culture in general needs to wake up and be more inclusive. I think it comes from a place of once comic book readers, gamers, and nerds in general feel defensive against people trying to enter their small part of the world. But geek culture isn’t a subculture any more, it’s mainstream. You don’t have to be defensive about your hobbies, you should share them. Other people enjoying the things you enjoy, even if for different reasons than you, does not reduce your enjoyment. So don’t destroy their enjoyment, embrace them as a fellow player. 


Oh look, art.

It’s been a while folks, but the reasons for why are neither here nor there at the moment. What’s important is that I’m starting to find my art groove again and trying hard to get back into it.

Sadly, having fallen off the face of the planet and the art wagon for almost two months has left merather rusty. As the above proves, though I was never good with drawing men anyways D: Still have a lot of dust to knock off before I feel like I’m back to some basic semblance of my ‘skill’ *hahayea* from before. 

But well, got to check out a little DESTINY yesterday with my best friend and took this screen grab of us. Felt like doodling up some sketchy portraits at lunch today. Iwellam always way to critical of my own work so I’ll spare you all the self deprecation D: 

Now I just need to get my muse and motivation back to do more.

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