djh119 asked:

It's kind of annoying you guys gave Triumph of Ferocity an alternate art. There is nothing wrong with the original art; it portrays the struggle equally, in which Liliana wins with Triumph of Cruelty. I think doing so admits that WOTC thinks the first portrayal is indecent, when it is not.


You have to remember that intent is not enough. Yes, our motives behind the illustration were pure, but the way it was perceived upset a portion of our audience.

We have to be sensitive to the fact that, out of context, the art portrayed some things that we work very hard to avoid in our game. The portrayal of women in Magic is something that we strive to be a leader on in our industry.

Part of living up to that goal is being aware not just of what we mean when we make our cards but what the audience perceives when they look at them. We changed the art because it was creating messages, intended or not, that we did not mean to send.

I realize that some people, such as yourself, did not perceive the art that way, but you need to understand that others did and we have to be respectful of that.

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